I wanted to tell my story about how Love INC helped me. I had to leave my home suddenly with only a couple of suitcases and my two small boys in tow. When I was able to get into a low income apartment, we were sleeping on air mattresses on the floor and didn’t even have dishes for the kitchen.

Someone told me to call Love INC. They asked me what I was in need of and I told them, I had nothing, at this point.

The next day they delivered an entire household to us! Everything from beds and dressers for me and my boys, to fully supplying my kitchen and filling my living room with chairs and tables. I was overwhelmed to tears and so grateful beyond words for helping me turn a shell of an apartment, into a little home for my boys. To go from having nothing with no prospect for getting essentials in the near future, to being blessed like that...it’s incredible. Thank you Love INC.


LoveINC recently helped to move our aging parents from their home they had lived in for 47 years. LoveINC showed up with 8 men who graciously got the job done. The people who helped were compassionate and respectful towards our family. They helped to make what at time was an overwhelming situation a lot lighter and easier for us all. Our family is very appreciative of all the efforts of LoveINC.

Tami Pickett and Kim Fleming

Again thank you so much... on Saturday, the homeowner was able to get out and about!! Independently!!! Something she hasn’t been able to do in years!!! All because of you guys❤️❤️our hearts are full!

My daughter and her two young kids had to leave their home suddenly with very little time to pack or prepare. The people who aided her threw a few things into their car and they all fled. She stayed with these people living out of one small bedroom, all of them sleeping on the floor.

After a few months she was able to get into a low income housing. Though she now had more room, the place was empty. No furniture, no beds, no table or chairs, nothing in the kitchen.

I dropped in one afternoon and to my amazement, her apartment was fully furnished and her kitchen was outfitted with pots, pans, silverware, small appliances. Everything necessary to feed her family. There was a bed for her and both her young boys. In the dining area stood a nice table with four nice chairs. The place was transformed.

As I stood there with my jaw on the floor, there was a knock at the door. There stood Larry, Executive Director of LoveINC, with a team and more things to bring in.

"It's hers to keep. She doesn't need to return any of it," he told me.

LoveINC transformed a cold, empty shell of a shelter into a home filled with hope and a future. Thank you, LoveINC, from the bottom of my heart. You are heroes in every sense of the word.

In your debt, Michael