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Social Media of Love INC of Cowlitz County


In addition to Love INC's Facebook page NOW we have a YOUTUBE CHANNEL and an INSTAGRAM account!

These Social media are to keep our Community informed about what needs we address, how they can help, what donations we take, why we developed these programs and of course why we serve our community.


Community Partner

Our community partner and van sponsor Craig Frkovich along with Coldwell banker Bain of Longview will donate 10% of their earnings to Love Inc from any sale (seller or buyer) we refer to him. Additionally, Craig has offered to add another 15% from his proceeds from each sale we refer to him for 2021.  

If you are thinking of selling or buying a home or land and would like to support Love Inc of Cowlitz County please contact us here at Love Inc and we will set up the referral. 


Craig Profile

Our Moving Team Does It Again



We love to be able to help people with a limited income be able to setup their own home with the much needed furniture and household items that make a home livable. We do this almost on a daily basis throughout our community. Sometimes the opposite of that is needed. Circumstances suddenly change and somebody without many resources finds out that they need to move. Our team can also help out in those situations. We do need 2 weeks prior notice to put it on our schedule, but we are able to step in and help with a move in situations like this. Our team was out this week doing just that. We were able to help a disabled man move his things into temporary storage so he could make other living arrangements. Many hands make light work and that was the case for this move. We had plenty of help and it didn’t take long at all.


If you would like to be a part of our moving and delivery team why not give our Clearinghouse a call at (360) 232-8576.


If you have limited resources and need help with a move coming up give our Clearinghouse a call 2 weeks ahead of time to see if we can get you some help. That number is (360) 232-8576.


It's Good To Be Back To Work

Things are picking up again around Love INC. This Thursday the wood cutting team went out into the woods and brought back two pickup loads of firewood. With the work done earlier in the week they have a total of two cords of wood that was added to our firewood supply to be used next winter for low income people who have only wood heat. Meanwhile our ramp team was out in the community building another ramp for another family with a disabled member who needed it. Also, at the same time our lawn mowing team mowed three lawns for the elderly and disabled in our community. All of these teams are made up of believers from several different churches in our county.


That’s good news. We need more of that. Why not find a way to make some good news yourself. If you would like to join us as we do things like this why not give us a call at (360) 323-8576.


The Ramp Crew Returns to Work


The Love INC Ramp crew is a group of believers from various churches throughout Cowlitz County that have dedicated themselves to putting their skill with carpentry to good use once a week by focusing on building wheelchair ramps for the low-income disabled and elderly in our community. They are known for their joy as they go about this task and they love their work. Last year, in cooperation with the Area Agency on Aging and Disabilities of Southwest Washington who helped with funding, they completed 54 ramps, an average of over one a week.


They have had to slow down their production during the current pandemic, but they are now beginning to work again. This week they completed two projects; one ramp at a residence and some benches on the front porch of the House of Prayer for All Nations. It was good to have the crew back at it, and they did a tremendous job on both tasks.


Although the number of projects they complete this year will be lower because of their brief hiatus, with 18 projects on their waiting list the crew looks forward to resuming their normal momentum with the typical love and joy that they bring to everything they do.

Caring Pregnancy Center Remodel Completed

The Caring Pregnancy Center was needing to remodel their office space in order to expand their staff and offer more life-saving services such as ultrasound.  Love INC started on the project in February of this year.  Despite the progress being slightly slowed due to the pandemic we are now able to call the remodel completed.  Just over 30 volunteers came out to help make this remodel a reality. 

Those willing volunteers were joined by 5 business that provided their resources to make this effort really shine.   We want to thank them for their support.

- Matt Oulette fromJH Kelly

- John Marsden from Marcon Products

- Duane Atkinson from Construction Workers Christian Fellowship

- Sherwin Williams Paint

- Twin City Glass

We especially want to express our gratitude to Pat Sari for funding this very worthwhile project. 

Spotlight on Local Food Ministries

In a world where a walk through a local grocery store reveals occasional empty shelves that normally are overflowing with items for sale, and where news stories of food shortages are becoming an daily occurance, it is good to know that God has had his Church working providing food for those in need for many years in Cowlitz County. We've already mentioned one of these in a previous article.  Here are a few more that we think are worthy of note.  



FISH partners with 17 Kelso/Longview churches to give away food five days a week. On an average day, 30 households totaling 104 people get free food.  Recipients may get food up to four times a month with at least three days in-between.  Clients need to keep track of when they recieve food. FISH aids children directly and indirectly. In 2015, 40% of the food recipients were children.  People are not required to document their need. Volunteers trust callers who say they need help. That’s why FISH can provide help immediately.  FISH has been serving Cowlitz County for 45 years, and doing so only with volunteers. They also help people in need fill prescriptions, see a dentist, pay overdue water or PUD bills, buy boots or clothing required to start a new job or fill a variety of other needs.  All services begin with a phone call to the FISH line.  For food call Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to Noon.  For non-food items call Monday through Friday 1:00-4:00 PM.  The number is (360) 636-1100.



Located at 1639 10th Ave in Longview, the Salvation Army offers lunches to go via curb-side pickup at their double doors that open on the alley, Monday through Friday, 11:45-12:45.  They also have a food bank that is open Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 2:00 to 4:00 at the alley access.  People can receive food from the food bank up to 6 times a year with 30 days in-between.  They focus primarily on Kelso/Longview, but no one in need will be turned away as long as they have some way they can help.  You can call them for futher information at (360) 423-3990.



The St. Vincent de Paul Society at 1222 Baltimore St, Longview, WA 98632 offers a drive-through food bank on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:30 to 11:30 AM, distributing groceries to those in need.  Recipients can receive this service twice a month.  A photo ID is required.  They are ready to help anybody who needs food.  They serve an average of 50,000 people a year.  For more information call (360) 577-0662.



Highlands Baptist Church at 317 20th Ave in Longview has a food bank that is open the last Thursday of the month from 1:00-3:00.  They are able to offer milk through help Fred Meyer. Food is picked on the porch of their building.   When the food bank hours have ended they take all that need clothing to the Red Hat Society to meet those needs as well.  They focus on the Highlands neighborhood with their ministry, but they are willing to help anybody.  To find out more about them, or to volunteer, by call them at (360) 425-1960.



Faith Center Church at 1209 Minor Road in Kelso has had a food bank at their location for years they serve an average of 300 families a week in Cowlitz County. Each family takes home between 25-50 lbs of food a week. Last year they distributed 248,000 lbs of food.  Due to Corona virus precautions their food bank schedule has changed.  Call (360) 577-0620 for more information. 


Love INC has a Bicycle Ministry

In 2013 Matt Carnahan and a couple of his friends asked themselves what skills they had that could be put to a useful purpose to help others.  They noticed that many people were in need of cheap basic transportation in order to get to work and get around town.  They realized that if they were pretty good at repairing bicycles, so they began to put their skills to work to help others by providing free refurbished bikes to people in need.  Soon they were kept pretty busy making people's lives better in this way.  Pretty soon, though, life took the friends in different directions with college, career, and family, changing their lives as those things do for all of us, and the work with bikes disbanded.   

The good news is that the bike ministry is now begining a rebirthed as the Love INC Bike Ministry.  Just last week you may have caught Matt's video announcement of the ministry on our Facebook page.  They now are in the process of rebuilding 12 bikes to get them ready to donate to people who need them. 

We are all very happy with this new addition to services provded by the body of Christ at large through Love INC.  As with all our ministries it is only successful if you, the people of God, become involved.  This ministry is in need of the following things: 

      - Storage.  Our facilities for storage are full.  We need garage, shop, or warehouse space for bikes and bike parts.

      - Volunteers with bike repair skills, the tools needed, and a place to do the work.     

      - Bikes.  If you have a bike that is being ignored why not pass it along through the Love INC Bike Ministry. 

If you can help with any of these needs please call Matt Carnahan (360) 355-5972

The Bike Ministry is working with the South Kelso Neighborhood Association to distribute the bikes they repair to those in need.  If you or your child need a bike call (360) 747-7240 to see if you qualify. 

Good Things Continue to Happen Here

Yes, like everyone else we have had to modify the way we get things done in order to keep people healthy, but things are continuing to happen at Love INC.  

      - Richard Greene and Sean Palmer has been putting the final touches on the floor baseboard at Caring Pregnancy Center.  The renovation                      there is very near completion which will enable them to expand services which will include an ultrasound machine. 

      - A small group of volunteers was able to help some folks in need move into a different residence.

      - Kurt Todd delivered a free cord of wood to somone in need whose only source of heat was a wood stove.  

      - Panera Bread and Dairygold continue with their donations of bread and dairy products which goes to the South Kelso Neighborhood                             Association for delivery to families in need of assistance during these difficult times.  

Please remember to find ways to support those businesses that are struggling right now.  We especially encourage you to do buisness with Panera Bread.  They have been faithful with donations of bread and other baked items for a while now.  It has helped many in our community.   We understand they have a coffee card you can get for $9.00 that will get you coffee for a month.  What a deal!  

God's Garage - Free Oil Change Day

Saturday February 22nd Love INC will be hosting an oil change day with their Gods Garage ministry. Ready to change out the oil and filters for up to 30 low income or in need families. 

If you are interested in volunteering for this event or are in need of an oil change please call our office at (360) 232-8576.